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Market District In Ankerhill

Ankerhill is a town located in The Maiden's Forest, in the country of Veron. It is governed by Sir Henry Boulforg, who has inherited the town after the untimely death of his older brother, William. It is well known for being the main market hub in the forest.

Appearance and Atmosphere Edit

When you approach Ankerhill, you notice it being surrounded by large, but unfinished walls. So there is a large gap in wall in the side of the town. As you enter you will see a big town that seems to go up hill, on the flat ground near the bottom of the town is a large market area, and as you go up the hill you will get closer to the lords great hall and living area.

The town seems to be very dark and depressing to an outsider. Although it isn't as bad as it used to be with the Blue Wolves terrorising the towns people and doing what they want.

History Edit

415 BR - The First Settlers Edit

Ankerhill was formed as a settlement for the Anker tribe, because they wanted the perfect area to continue their life. They built it on a hill overlooking the forest so they would be able to see anything that comes their way. As the years went on, more tribes moved into their settlement, and the bigger Ankerhill became.

300 BR - Bowing To The King Of The Forest Edit

The Ankers then bowed to The First King Of The Forest, Gendyr Kywnn, who claimed the entire forest for himself.

1 BR - A New King Edit

At the end of The War For Veron, and as a result of the Kwynn family bowing to King Rickard Reinham, the Anker family were now under rule of King Reinham. The Anker's were disgusted at the remaining Kwynn family bowing so easily after the death of their King Haryld.

1 AR - End Of The Anker Legacy Edit

After being invited by Robyrt Kwynn to a dinner party in Kwynnford, The remainder of the Anker family, Lord Willford Anker, his wife Dystria, and his three kids Jacob, Harry, and Ruth were killed on the road to Kwynnford, by a group of thugs. This ended the Anker family, forever.

1 AR - The Boulforg Rule Edit

To govern Ankerhill, King Rickard then appointed one of his council men, and oldest friends, Brandon Boulforg to be the new lord of Ankerhill. The town was still not happy about the untimely death of their previous lords, but with Lord Brandon investing alot of money into Ankerhill, the majority of the towns people were quick to change their loyalty.

120 AR - Death of Markus Boulforg Edit

After the death of Markus Boulforg, his father William went mad, and increased the security of the military force in Ankerhill by hiring the private army, the Blue Wolves. He paid them handsomely and let them use Ankerhill as a headquarters for them, in exchange for their absolute loyalty.

125 AR - Death Of William Boulforg Edit

During the execution of two freedom fighters, members of their organisation stood up to fight against The Blue Wolves. William Boulforg was then murdered by the group at the end of the battle, with his family watching in horror.

Religion Edit

Like the majority of Veron after The War For Veron, Ankerhill worships The Octagon. This is as a result of the Boulforgs command after the death of the Ankers.