The Boulforg family is the family that now rules over Ankerhill. They were inherited Ankerhill after the death of the Anker family. Before they were a small noble family who fought along side the Reinham family. Their sigil is an axe stuck inside a rock.

Notable Members Edit

Queen Catherine Boulforg Reinham - (18 BR - 46 AR) Edit

First Queen of Veron, Wife to Rickard Reinham. Considered a beautiful, but timid woman in her time.

Sir Timothy Boulforg - (20 BR - 34 AR) Edit

Led the siege on Kwynnford during the War For Veron. Killed the last king of the forest, Haryld Kwynn, in battle.

Brandon Boulforg - (26 BR - 64 AR) Edit

Eldest of the Boulforg family at the time, was inherited Ankerhill by King Rickard Reinham, after the death of the Anker family.

William Boulforg - (95 AR - 125 AR) Edit

The lord of Ankerhill that went mad after the death of his son. He hired a private army called The Blue Wolfs to be his new guard. He was as murdered by freedom fighters.

Elaina Boulforg - (90 AR - Present) Edit

Widowed wife to William Boulforg. She watched her husband get murdered before her own eyes.

Markus Boulforg - (102 AR - 120 AR) Edit

Eldest son to William and Elaina. He was murdered by freedom fighters lead by Jon Foster.

Sir Henry Boulforg - (96 AR - Present) Edit

A knight loyal to the crown. He was inherited Ankerhill after the death of his older brother.