It is hard ignore the impact religion has left on the nations of Sceron. Most citizens will believe that the gods gave the world magical powers, and left unexplainable environmental anomalies around the world.

Faiths In Veron Edit


The Octagon Edit

Also known as 'The Eight', The Octagon is the biggest religion in Veron. It is a pantheon of gods that include

  • Shaldoran, The God Of Life
  • Iona, The God Of Knowledge
  • Pelorus, The God Of The Sun and Moons
  • Sylvana, The God Of Nature
  • Kordin, The God Of Strength and Storms
  • Gruul, The God Of Deception, Trickery and Performance
  • Bane, The God Of Battle and War
  • Morguis, The God Of Death

Images of each gods usually depict them as a masculine appearance, but many people like to picture some of the gods as feminine. It is mainly a human faith, but many Dwarves and Elves have adopted this religion as there own.

The Octagon has a holy army called 'The Knights Of The Eight' who are sworn to help the innocent and protect the lands. By extension, they are under direct orders of the King Of Veron. Although citizens of Veron normally pray to all gods, most Clerics and Paladins would attempt to channel the energy of one deity to make their powers in that area as strong as possible.

The Maiden Of The Forest Edit

All dwellers of the Maiden's Forest, worship this deity. The forest people like the Ankers, Thorns and Kwyns believe that this woman brought her to this forest to live a peaceful life free from war. It is also a favourable faith for Wood Elves, as it was rumoured that they showed the forest refugees the way to the Maiden's forest.

When King Rickard Reinham conquered the forest area, he forced the faith of The Octagon onto his new subjects, saying the Maiden Of The Forest was just Sylvana, in another form. The faith died out for anyone under his rule, but it still lives on in the primitive tribes of the forest.

The Brothers Of The Devourer Edit

On the surface they are clerics getting their powers from the God Of Death, Morguis, but in reality they are a group of religious extremists. They believe that by doing what there god bids, they will be rewarded by him in the afterlife, and not be tortured for the rest of eternity. They want to spread the word of death, as it is something to be feared. It is also rumoured that they practice necromancy.

Rak'yar Edit

The creator and god of the Orcs. It is believed that Rak'yar whispers into the head of every orc, turning them mad and bloodthirsty. He is there whenever any Orc is in combat. Even when an Orc tries to turn his head away from faith, his influence still pumps through there veins.

The Church Of Kelemvor Edit

Kelemvor symbol

The symbol of Kelemvor

While in the Brothers Of The Devourer, a dwarf named Aardrick Alehouse found a piece of a sacred text of Kelemvor.

A prophet who he believes to be the true god of Life and Death. Unlike 'The Devourer', Kelemvor teaches that life and death should have a perfect balance and that death should not be feared.

At the moment, they are no known followers of this faith other than Aadrick, but he wishes to spread the word, and uncover the mystery of the texts.