Kelemvor, formerly Kelemvor Lyonsbane, was a devoted human paladin of Morguis, the God of Death, and a

member of the Brothers of the Devourer.   In his earlier years, Kelemvor led a small mercenary group of 20 mercenaries called The Dusk Raiders, who specialised hit and run tactics primarily striking at dusk during changing of the guards causing panic amongst the targets.

                After a failed assault on a small town, Kelemvor was mortally wounded from an arrow wound to the chest which missed his heart by inches.  Kelemvor was saved by his fellow mercenaries and brought back to camp where the arrow was removed and his wounds treated.  During his recovery, Kelemvor suffered a fever for weeks during which Morguis, the God of Death, showed him visions and spoke to him, whispering dark promises of power, strength, and life if he did as Morguis bid him to.  Once Kelemvor agreed to serve Morguis his fever broke.  Upon recovery, Kelemvor disbanded The Dusk Raiders to join the Brothers of the Devourer.

                After joining the Brothers of the Devourer, Kelemvor swiftly became a paragon of devotion, and dedication to the word of Morguis in the eyes of the other cultists whilst simultaneously rising to be the head of the military arm of the cult, spreading death, terror, and corruption wherever they went.  Amongst the cultists, Kelemvor became known as Kelemvor, Judge of the Damned, whilst to outsiders he was known as Kelemvor, The Black Guard of Death. 

                While leading his fellow paladins, fanatics, and cultists on an attack upon a small village, Kelemvor left his followers to their pillaging, rape, desecration, and murder to find a shrine committed to a small sect of Shaldoran that Morguis tasked him to destroy.  It was at this shrine that Kelemvor met Thommin Humblewalker, a dwarf cleric devoted to the sect who had dedicated his life to follow the ideology of easing the transition from life to death for the ill and dying, stood against Kelemvor.  With nothing to protect him but his holy symbol and modest robes, Thommin confronted Kelemvor.  Before Kelemvor struck Thommin down in his zeal, Thommin beseeched Kelemvor to repent for his sins and attempted to show him that death is not a thing of fear and darkness.  After desecrating the shrine Kelemvor was unexplainably drawn to Thommin’s holy symbol, a skeletal arm upright holding balanced weighting scales, removing the symbol from Thommin’s corpse and kept it hidden from his followers.  After returning to the cult base, Kelemvor was visited by Shaldoran who explained how death was nothing to fear and should not be wielded as an instrument of darkness.  Though Kelemvor rejected Shaldoran when he was first visited, Shaldoran repeatedly visited Kelemvor showing him visions of his true potential if he were to repent his dedication to Morguis.  After weeks of imploring Kelemvor, Kelemvor’s devotion to Morguis began to falter and he soon saw through the lies and deception of Morguis.

                In a rage fueled by the realisation that he had been manipulated by Morguis, Kelemvor killed all of the cultists during the middle of the night and set their base ablaze.  Taking only his sword, shield, armour, and the Thommin’s holy symbol with him Kelemvor went forth to teach others that death was not a thing to be feared but something to be understood, that if a person leads a just life they will be spared in the afterlife, and that those who are unjust will be doomed to serve as thralls in the afterlife when called upon by clerics and devotees for assistance until they have redeemed themselves in the eyes of Kelemvor.  Few people wished to listen to the words of Kelemvor but this did not stop him from preaching an alternative belief of death and afterlife.  Five years after Kelemvor denounced Morguis and killed his former brothers, he was attacked by Brothers of the Devourer when he was travelling through the Maiden’s Forest who succeeded in killing him and burned his corpse after they stripped him bare and desecrated his body. The Brothers of the Devourer kept the items that Kelemvor had upon him at his time of death and hid them so that his followers might not have relics of Kelemvor.