Loghann Goozebo was the tiefling blacksmith from Thornhold, in the country of Veron. He was under suspension from his duties after attacking a citizen, by the order of Barrick Thardorne. He lived with his brothers Gaz and Daz. He was killed by a werewolf, who was sent by The Brothers Of The Devourer.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Loghann was 29 years old, 6'5 in height, and very slim. He had a hard baritone voice. He had black hair, and red skin, because of his race. Loghann was always presented in a very messy way, never really having his armour on properly.

People who know Loghann would say he was erratic, but also apathetic. Others would say he is on the brink of sociopathic. Even though he never said so, he would always fight for his friends. Although this silence would not work well for him, seeing as he never seemed to make friends with much people.

Life Edit

Loghann was born in the year 96 AR.

Some of the earliest memories of Loghann are being taught how to be a blacksmith and how to fight. His father was grooming him to be part of the towns guard from an early age. His dream since he was a kid was to be the strongest soldier in the realm. Even though his relationship with his father was abusive, he still looked up to him as a role model. His mother, from what he remembers was a loving woman.

In 108 AR. Loghann was left without parents. His father was killed during a scouting mission in the forest, and his mother left him. Loghann was left at the age of 13, with his twin infant brothers.

In 113 AR, He then decided to join the towns guard at the age of 17, to honor his father. He was taught how to fight better, but never really fit well with others, so he was placed as the blacksmith for the town guard.

In 117 AR, Loghann killed someone for the first time when he was 21 during the raid of the Sarthorne tribe on Thornhold.

(for more about Loghann's life in 125 AR, read The Balance Of Life And Death)

Death Edit

Loghann was enjoying a victory with his companions in a bath house in Kywnnford, after saving the lives of Davyd Kwynn and Robbert Thorn. Grog heard screaming coming from outside and checked it out, Loghann chased him out there. They then soon find out that there is a werewolf attacking people in the streets.

Near the end of the battle, Loghann saw that someone brought a tray of silver knives to the party. He tried to run past the werewolf to get a silver knife, but was sliced in the torso by its claws. He landed right in the front of the knives, just out of reach. He struggled to hold onto his life, but lost too much blood. At the end of the battle, the party found him dead, held up unceremoniously by the horns.