Piper Springton is the wood elf druid from Thornhold, In the country of Veron. She was a guide for travellers of The Maiden's Forest, but also worked part time in the tavern in Thornhold before she had to leave her home, to travel with her friend Aardrick Alehouse. 

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

At first glance of Piper, she is presented in a very messy way. Her hair is messy and untidy, occasionally has twigs in it. Seeing as she spends a lot of time in the forest, she never really care too much about her looks and personal hygiene. She was only ever forced to clean and groom herself for her job in the alehouse. But even then, never really put too much effort into it. 

She is 125 years old, which is considered quite young for her race, and only stands at a 5"6'. 

She is short tempered, and is definitely considered an introvert. Although, she is never rude to anyone who shows her at least a little bit of respect. 


In the year 1 BR, Piper was found, as an infant, under a tree right outside Thornhold. Growing up, she learned to take care of herself, finding a home in the top of the Thornhold tower.  

In 15 AR, As an adolescent she would start to become a troublemaker around town, always playing pranks, and being an overall bad influence with all the kids in the town. When she matured into adulthood around 18 BR, nothing much changed about her. 

During her life she would spend a lot of time exploring the forest by herself. She became a guide for travellers who were unfamiliar with the forest. She fell into the job when people kept asking her for directions. One of the times, it was a man who was familiar in the arts of the druid. Piper was enthralled by skills demonstrated by the man, she bugged the traveller until he taught her some of the basics of magic. He even left her some of his books on the basics that he doesn't need anymore. Piper then spent her free time to become a druid herself. 

In 117 AR She also took part in defending Thornhold, from the siege of the Sarthorn tribe. This was the first time Thornhold was attacked with a large force. Seeing as the town guard was consider small, so because of her combat skills, she was part of the militia.

(for more about Piper's life in 125 AR, read The Balance Of Life And Death)