"For now on, we never get involved with political matters" - Aardrick


The Balance Of Life And Death is a series of events that happen in the year 125 AR. It follows a group of townsfolk from Thornhold, after they leave from their hometown from having an encounter with The Brothers Of The Devourer


  • Aardrick Alehouse - The proud dwarven cleric of the church of Kelemvor
  • Piper Springton - The short tempered wood elf druid 
  • Grog Wheatus - The simple half-orc baker
  • Loghann Goozebo - The fired towns guard teifling
  • Billo Hurlobich - The mentally unstable ex-mercenary


The Rotting BoarEdit

Wellby Fairmince decided to start the new day by bring Grog out to go hunting for some boar, to sell at the upcoming festival being held in Thornhold. He brought Piper to lead the way through the forest, Aardrick because he heard about a strange anomaly in the forest and he wanted to investigate it, and Loghann to keep them company. When they got the gate, Wellby remembered something he had to do and said that he couldn't go hunting with them. He went towards Grog's mothers house. 

Outside the gates, Aardrick let a bird land on his finger. Loghann un happy about the bird, he threw a handaxe at the bird, getting Aardricks arm instead. Aardrick was not happy, as were the rest of the party. 

They traversed through the forest, knowing where some boar would be. Grog engaged one boar by wrestling it to the ground. Loghann shot at them with his bow, Aardrick used his sacred fire magic, and Piper used her poisoning magic. They managed to take down two large boars. 

Suddenly, an even larger boar appeared from the bushes, looking like a mangled animated corpse of a boar. The party were not expecting to see this grotesque creature in the forest. The boar charged at them so the party fought it off and managed to stop it. 

Poetic Justice (or The Short-Lived Tyranny Of The Cowardly Troll)Edit

When they got home, the party asked around the higher ups in town to see if anyone knows about this strange boar. Lord Nigus Thorn, was incredibly ill when the party went to ask him. Aardrick gave him a small remedy, confident enough that it would help him a little bit 

Barrick The Bull told them the goblins, of who Piper are friendly with, might know something. The Bull then took Loghann aside and then suspended him from the towns guard for 3 weeks, knowing he is an unstable mind. They then travelled outside Thornhold to the goblins lair. 

When they got there they were greeted by very anxious goblins, in which they told the party that there is a big mean looking troll who bullies them around and makes them do his bidding. The party decide to go in and have a word with him, and were greeted by a large, but very rude Troll who talked big. The party then attack the troll, and after a single arrow piercing the trolls flesh, he was on the ground crying. Not knowing what to do, they awkwardly leave the cave and leave the crying troll to the goblins to take care of. 

On the way back, the party noticed that there were fresh tracks on the way to the town. 

The Festival Of The GodsEdit

During the morning of the festival, people from all over the forest, and country were coming into Thornhold. Grog and Loghann were working at the bakery, while Aardrick was helping his parents in the alehouse.

Aardrick noticed a suspicious man in a hood at the corner of the tavern. He leaves and Aardrick follows him outside on the backside of the tavern. The man had a dagger out. He was about to lung at Aardrick, but in the nick of time Aardrick casts a spell to blind him momentarily. He starts to run to his chapel.  

Piper was lying around in her tower, until she noticed two shady looking men running together, and then splitting up. One going to the Thorn house, and the other going to the chapel of Kelemvor. She starts to follow them. Grog and Loghann notice them running and then follow them.

When Piper got to the chapel, she noticed one of the cloaked men rummaging through Aardrick's belongings and making a mess. She casts a spell she have been working on, making the chapel have a putrid smell, that made the man throw up and escape the chapel. He then starts to run.

Noticing the man running away, Aardrick yells at Grog to tackle him to the ground, and then drag him into the chapel. The towns folk notice this and are terrified.  

The Heretic Edit

The party brought in the suspicious man into the chapel, tied up. When checking through there things they noticed that they have a necklace, in the shape of the symbol for The Brothers Of The Devourer. At the sight of it, Aardrick picks it up and smashes it on the ground. The man then wakes up, and spits at Aardrick. When question about who he is and where he came from he spat at Aardrick and called him a heretic. Aardrick then finished him off with his mace.

Piper said that she saw another man running to Lord Thorns house. The party then all run to the noble's house to check on Lord Thorn. They are then greeted to Lord Thorn, recovered from his illness, but still looking a bit pale. He told the party that he is feeling much better now. They were then told to leave, because the lord was expecting guests.

When the left the house, and went towards the main gate, and noticed a carriage being escorted by a few armed men on horses. Aardrick knew from their banners, that they were the Brothers Of The Devourer. Aardrick told the rest of the party to get there things, and that they were leaving Thornhold.

Leaving Thornhold Edit

Grog went to his house, took off his apron and hung it up on the wall. He then put on his cloak, and went over the fireplace to where his fathers old war hammer was hanging. His mother, Sophie, spotted him leaving, and with tears on her face, she hugged him goodbye.

"Mom... I'm going to go find Dad..." - Grog
Loghann then told Sophie that she is going to need to give his younger brothers a job. She accepted his request.

Piper then went to the stable boy and rented some horses for the party. They then all met back at the gate and they took their horses. Grog named his horse Nay Nay, Piper named her horse Pharah and Aardrick named his pony Ponita. They then left on the road, towards Ankerhill.

The Mercenary Edit

After a day of travelling, the party noticed a naked man lying down on the dirt track. They hop off the horses and wake up the man. The man is annoyed at his rude awakening. After being questioned on why he is sleeping naked in the middle of the road, he says that all mercenaries sleep like this.

The party then accidentally let slip that they are going to Ankerhill. Hearing this, the man said he is also going that direction, and decides to tag along. The party doing really trust him, but Grog said that he liked him. The man then gets onto Loghann's horse and continues on to Ankerhill with the party

He then told the party that he was Billo Hurlobich, a mercenary who used to lead his on mercenary troop called The Hurling Bitches.

Ankerhill Edit

When at the entrance to Ankerhill, they noticed that the trees around the town were all completely chopped down, to make way for construction for a new bigger wall. Flying above the gate is a Boulforg banner, as expected, but also a banner for The Blue Wolves. Billo recognises The Blue Wolves as a mercenary company. When the party goes through the gate they notice a lot of armed men, drinking and being loud, all around the city. The party then decide to split up at the market district and buy some new equipment like some new armour for Grog, and a bestiary for Piper.

Billo and Loghann stand around, and notice a group of mercs approaching them, lead by a man named Jarken Harlo . They start to harass Loghann, because he is a Teifling. They manage to get them to back off, but all of the villagers now notice Loghann and are reluctant to trust him.

"This isn't over" - Jarken

Piper and Aardrick then notice an old man being kicked around by some Blue Wolves. They stand up against and tell them. The mercs aren't happy with them going against them so they attack, but almost immediately lose. Hearing the ruckus from afar, the rest of the party run to Piper and Aardrick. They all agree that they should go to an inn and lay low for the night.

While at the inn, they ask the bartender, Jon, about the town. He told the party that the lord of the town, Lord William Boulforg rules over this town, and doesn't care about his people. He also said that The Blue Wolves rule over this town as the town guard.

A small force of then Blue Wolves appeared in the inn, lead by Big Axe Joe. They said that they know who took down their men in the market district. The party fought them off, with the help of Jon. They left the majority of them unconscious and One of the guards run away and escapes.

Jon sends a message to his friend Sam, to clean up the dead bodies in the inn. Jon tells the party that he is holding a secret, and leads him into a secret room in the basement filled with weapons and armour. He says that he is part of a small group of freedom fighters, and asks the party for their help. The freedom fighters want to stop the nobles who rule over their town, and live in freedom. The party agreed to help him. Jon said to meet them back at midnight, so they can discuss their plan.

Billo and Loghann decide to go out to another inn, for they heard that where the cloak salesman is staying for the night, and they wanted a cloak. Billo tells Loghann to stay outside, because of his appearance. Billo then goes into the inn, and finds out where the salesman is staying. He finds him in his room with two women. Loghann then goes into the inn, and is immediately kicked out by the inn, and stabbed in the back by the angry and scared townsfolk.

Midnight comes, and Piper and Aardrick are present for the meeting. They come up with a plan to create riots around the town, to act as a distraction while they go to assassinate the lord. They all agree that it will happen first thing in the morning.

Billo leaves the room with the two ladies alive, and two cloaks for him and Loghann. The cloak salesmen was left on the ground, beheaded. He then helps Loghann walk home to Jon's inn. When they get back to the inn, Aardrick fills them in on what the plan is for the morning.

The next morning, they wake up to a ruckus downstairs. The party wake up to see The Blue Wolves, kidnapping Jon. They fight it off, these men in the inn, but unfortunately they let them take Jon away. Aardrick decided to heal up one of the mercenaries who got one of his arms chopped off by Billo during the fight. To stop the bleeding he stitched a sword where his arm was.

The party ran to the courtyard, where they over heard from some villagers that there is going to be an execution for Jon and Sam. They ran to the courtyard and saw William Boulforg standing with his pregnant wife Elaina, their daughter, and a large figure in full armour. Billo knew this armoured man was The Blue Wolf, the leader of the mercs. They started an attack on Boulforg, but he manage to get away with his family and The Blue Wolf.

The party was surrounded by Blue Wolves, leaving them nowhere to run. Billo talked to the mercenaries, telling them that he would be a much better leader than The Blue Wolf, and that they would pay them a lot better. The mercs agree to there terms, if the party pays them up front. Billo gathered some gold from the rest of the party, and gave them to the mercenaries. Their plan now was to sneak into the lords hall, as if they were under custody from the mercs, and then sneak in a surprise attack. The party then go towards the lords hall, with the hired mercs holding their hands behind there back.

Getting Away With Murder Edit

The party is presented in front of William Boulforg. The Blue Wolf is up at the top with Lord Boulforg, and the room is filled with his men. When they are brought in, Billo tries to get an axe to throw at the lord, but is stopped by the merc holding is arms together. He whispers into Billo's ear...

"For The Blue Wolves"
Billo gets stabbed in the back, by the man who he paid to help him. The rest of the party see this and get themselves free. With a quick brawl happening, Billo manages to get up and kill the man who stabbed him. Grog runs straight for The Blue Wolf but is instantly taken down to the ground with a swift and precise headbutt.

With the party outnumbered, William Boulforg speaks out. He tells his men to bring in Jon and Sam, and orders The Blue Wolf to execute them right there. With a single slash of his greatsword, he takes off both of their heads.

Billo, calls out to The Blue Wolf, and spouts insults to him. He demands a trial by combat to William Boulforg, saying that if he wins he will let him and his companions free. The lord agrees to it, having The Blue Wolf as his champion. His men are confused at why he would do this, seeing as it is mad to let them even get a chance to be pardoned for their crimes. Because of this, the lord orders one of his men to take off one of Billo's ears. The man does this, leaving Billo with one ear. and throws all of the party into the dungeon.

The next morning, Billo fights against The Blue Wolf. The townsfolk, the rest of the party, and the Boulforg family all are present to watch the fight. Billo chooses to fight with his greataxe, and The Blue Wolf fights with his greatsword. The Blue Wolf attacks first and misses. Using the opportunity, Billo goes for his head, and breaks his helmet. The Blue Wolf then takes off his now damaged helmet and reveals to the public that he is a blue skinned dragonborn. He then shoots an icy breath from his mouth, leaving Billo with a freezing pain. Billo then goes for his unarmored head and splits his head from the top. William Boulforg is left shocked and speechless. Billo decapitates his now split in half head off his body. The townsfolk cheer for Billo.

Lord Boulforg holds up the end of his deal, and gives the party their cart, tells the party that he knows they are from Thornhold. He says that his they are not too careful, they might lose what they love. Aadrick walks over to him and puts out his hand. As the lord recieves the handshake, his body starts to bleed profusely, and eventually is left lifeless and hollow. Elaina Boulforg starts to scream at the horror she is witnessing and runs away with her daughter. Aardrick hops onto the cart and the party swiftly leave the town.

When they go to find their horses in the Ankerhill stable, they notice Loghann's Horse and Ponita, disappeared.

Ambush On The Road To KwynnfordEdit

On the way to Kwynnford, the party spot a carriage flying the banners of the Kwynn family, being escorted by armed men. They reluctantly attempt to go past the wagon, and are stopped by the voice from the cart. A bearded man, in expensive clothes, pops his head out the window of the cart, and talked to Aardrick and Billo, who were sitting on the front of their wagon, driving it. He says his name is Davyd Kwynn, brother of the lord of Kwynnford.

He asked where the party was coming from, and if they pasted Ankerhill on the way. Aardrick said he came from Thornhold, and that they only just went past Ankerhill. Davyd's face lit up, and said his squire is from Thornhold. He then introduces a young teenager to the two. Aardrick recognizes him as the son of Nigus Thorn, Robbert. He is happy to see Aardrick. As they continue to exchange pleasantries, a black smoke appears from the ground, and the Kwynn guard all start choking, and fall of their horses. Aardrick yells at Davyd and Robbert to cover their mouths. Men in dark leather armour, and cloaks come out from the trees.

Piper jumps out of the wagon, and cuts Pharrah and Nay Nay from their wagon, and smacks them. The horses then run away, towards Kwynnford.

The party throw attacks back the ambushers, but they all manage to get back on Lord Kwynns carriage. Billo gets on the reigns, and rushes on the road back to Ankerhill, with the rest of the party, Robbert and Davyd.

As they rush further, they discuss that they shouldn't go to Ankerhill, and should indeed get Lord Kwynn back to his home town, to be secure. They decide on a plan, and rush back towards them. Billo is staying on the reigns, while Piper and Loghann are in the front with bows. They see the cloaked men again on the road, with crossbows pointed at them. Billo goes fast enough so they miss lethal blows. They manage to take out half the men, and outrun the rest.

They safely get to Kwynnford, and have Lord Davyd's men take him home. Davyd then recommends the party to good bath house down the road, where he will treat them to a night as a thank you.

The Werewolf Of Kwynnford Edit

The party decide to spend their night in the bath house, enjoying the food and women. Piper goes into the room next to the rest of them, in ears distance of all the activities of the party. Through the outside window, the party hear a women's scream, coming from the outside. The majority of the party want to ignore it, but Grog run's outside, without any clothes on, to check it out. Loghann then runs after him.

Grog sees a collection of Kwynnford villagers running from around the street corner, he's runs up around the corner and notices a large, dark and hairy creature with large claws and teeth. It then starts to bound over towards him, and Grog the runs back towards the bath house. As Loghann is leaving the bath house, he sees Grog being chased by a large beast. As it get closer, Loghann knows it's a werewolf, in which he thought only existed in folk tales. He runs back inside with Grog to get his armour back on.

The rest of the party go to check on Grog and Loghann. And they notice Grog barricading the door with the bath house owner. They party help Grog and try to keep it secure. The werewolf then eventually breaks through and the party go outside to fight it. The party use their weapons, as usual, but then start to realise that they aren't effecting the beast at all. Piper then comes up with an idea and runs into the kitchen of the bath house. She then finds some silver cutlery, and brings it to the street. She yells to the party that they need to use silver to damage it. The rest then go to grab the silver knives to attack it.

Loghann tries to go for the cutlery himself, and attempts to run past the beast, But as he runs past he gets a fatal blow from the Wolfs claws. He tries to hold onto his life but he was bleeding too much, later dying in the battle.