"He literally ate a guy!" - Blue Wolves member, about The Blue Wolf

Blue wolf

The Blue Wolf

The Blue Wolf was the dragonborn leader of the mercenary band 'The Blue Wolves'. He was loyal to Lord William Boulforg. Despite being the head man of a group of mercenaries, he rarely said anything, only chose to talk to people he trusted. He was killed by Billo Hurlobich, during a trial by combat.  

Appearance and Personality Edit

On a regular day, The Blue Wolf would stand with William Boulforg, in full plate armour. Most of time he would wear a regular helm, but in his time in Ankerhill he would wear a dragon helm over his head and rarely show his face. The townsfolk of Ankerhill never knew what he truely looked like underneath, untill he was unmasked before his death. He wields a massive long greatsword that is as tall as he is.

Rumours have said that when he gets a job, he would go to his men and point at the other side of the battlefield to his foes. He was known for always getting the job done. He was known for being a demon on the battlefield. He loves killing, but would only do it for pay.


William Boulforg saved The Blue Wolfs life when he was a young child. He was poor, hungry and homeless on the streets of Ankerhill. William knew a dragonborn wouldn't be treated well in the town, so he let him into his house. He even let his son, Markus, play with him. Seeing as dragonborn mature faster than a human boys, Boulforg let him go off and gave him money to start a new life. 

The Blue Wolf spent his life killing people on the battlefield for money. The mercenaries who joined him simply liked him and decided to fight along side him. Learning about the death of Markus Boulforg, he marched back to Ankerhill, to help the man who saved his life.

Death Edit

A group of freedom fighters were about to be executed, one of them named Billo Hurlobich demanded a trial by combat. William Boulforg, seeing as he has gone rather mad, accepted his challege, and chose The Blue Wolf as his champion.

The next day they fought at dawn, and after a rather quick fight, The Blue Wolf got his head split in the middle, and then decapitated.