The Maiden's Forest

The Maiden's Forest is a large forest in the centre of Veron. In this area you can find the towns of Ankerhill , Thornhold, and Kywnnford. It was also the original home place of The Wood Elves.

Appearnance and AtmosphereEdit

The forest is an incredibly dense forest, filled with different types of plants and animals. One who wouldn't know the forest would easily get lost. Paths and trails were attempted to be made but they always seem to fade away for mysterious reasons. The trees in the forest are some of the tallest in the entire world.

For the right person, the forest can be one of the safest places in all of Veron. Forest people will feel completely at home, having this feeling of absolute safety and security. Although to the unfamiliar outsider, it can be an incredibly dangerous place. 

History Edit

417 BR - A Safe Haven Edit

The first forest people were humans brought to the forest as refugees, by the Wood Elves. Three different tribes of people were brought to the forest. The first were the Thorn tribe. The second, the Anker tribe. And then lastly, the Kwynn tribe. The Wood Elves told the Humans that the forest is forever watched by The Maiden Of The Forest, and if you don't harm the forest no harm will ever come to their tribe.

300 BR - The King Of The Forest Edit

The Kwynn tribe leader, Gendyr Kwynn rose up and claimed himself as The King Of The Forest. He believed that he was chosen by The Maiden herself. He marched to Thornhold with a large force, and threatened to burn it to the ground if they didn't accept them as their new king.

The Wood Elves were disgusted by this behaviour and attacked the Kwynn forces back. The Wood Elves were unfortunately defeated and were forced to run away from their home. The last people to take over were the Ankers and they also yielded to the new king.

As they were marching home, Gendyr Kwynn tripped off his horse and fell down a steep slope, leaving him to be lost in the forest forever. Never found again, his son of 10 years old, Georgyll Kwynn was left to become King of The Forest.

1 BR - The End Of The King Of The Forest Edit

At the end of The War For Veron, King Haryld Kwynn was slain in battle against Sir Timothy Boulforg, during the battle of the forest. His brother Robyrt Kwynn ended the legacy of the King Of The Forest by bowing to King Rickard Reinham by reaching a compromise, only wanting peace for his people.

1 AR - The End Of The Anker Legacy Edit

After being invited to a dinner party, The remainder of the Anker family, Lord Willford Anker, his wife Dystria, and his three kids Jacob, Harry, and Ruth were killed on the road to Kwynnford, by a group of thugs. King Rickard gave Ankerhill to his loyal subordinate Brandon Boulforg.