The Thorn family is the family that rules over Thornhold, in The Maiden's Forest, in the country of Veron. They were the first human family to settle in The Maiden's Forest. Their sigil is a rose, with it thorns entangling the stem.

Notable Members Edit

Joseph Thorne - (24 BR - 22 AR) Edit

The first Thorne to be given nobility, under the rule of King Rickard Reinham. It was told he never liked to be called 'a lord' at all, always telling the Thornhold people to continue calling him by his first name.

Nigus Thorn - (89 AR - Present) Edit

The current lord of Thornhold. A kind, but stern leader to his people. He was in command during the Sarthorn raid on Thornhold, and was the first lord in over 300 years to have to defend Thornhold.

Elisa Borthnall Thorn - (86 AR - Present) Edit

Wife of Nigus, a strong willed woman. Now Opnarrdale, for diplomatic reasons.

Ryann Thorn - (105 AR - Present) Edit

The eldest son of Nigus and Elisa, like his mother, strong willed and tough. A skilled fighter. With her mother Elisa, in Opnarrdale.

Robbert Thorn - (114 AR - Present) Edit

The youngest son of Nigus and Elisa, now a squire to Davyd Kwynn. At first, his father was reluctant to letting his son to become a knight, but soon then allowed it. Now being brought around on a cart oblivious to his family.