Village Of Thornhold

Thornhold is a village located in The Maiden's Forest, in the country of Veron. It is governed by Lord Nigus Thorn. It is known to be a incredibly friendly and accepting town.

Appearance and AtmosphereEdit

Thornhold is located in an open field surround in the middle of the forest. It has large walls surrounding it, and it looks big. In the inside, one will be able to see that its mostly farm land and small houses and shops. Even the nobles house isn't very big. 

Thornhold is known for being a very friendly town. When celebrations are thrown, people from the other forest towns have no problem with going to Thornhold. It is known for being incredibly accepting of uncommon races. But even though it is friendly, doesn't mean other areas around the country appriciate that. 

History Edit

417 BR - The First Settlers Edit

Thornhold was first formed as a small settlement for the Thorn tribe, in order to use the forest as a perfect hiding place from war. They believed that they were blessed with the perfect patch of forest. As the years went on other tribes decided to search refuge in Thornhold.

300 BR - The King Of The Forest Edit

The First King Of Forest, Gendyr Kwynn, then came to Thornhold. He boasted to the Thorns that he was their king chosen by the forest. The Thorns bowed to King Gendyr, only wanting peace for their people.

1 AR - Aftermath of The War For Veron Edit

At the end of The War For Veron, and as a result of the Kwynn family bowing to King Rickard. All of the tribe leaders in the forest were rewarded nobility, including the Thorn tribes leader at the time, Joseph Thorn and his family. Alot of the Thorn family members were disgusted by this and left Thornhold.

117 AR - The Sarthorn Raid Edit

When Nigus Thorn started his command of Thornhold, The Sarthorn tribe, who were made up of distant relatives of the Thorns, attacked Thornhold with everything they had. This was the first time Thornhold was attacked with any large force. Luckily they had a small military of capable fighters to fight the barbarians off.

Religion Edit

Like the majority of Veron, Thornhold is mainly under the faith of The Octagon. They pray to Sylvana to help them live side by side with the forest.

Thornhold is also the first town to introduce a chapel to Kelemvor, a prophet of death. Aardrick Alehouse leads the faith. Although the town is accepting to have the chapel in the town, not many have changed their faith for Kelemvor.