Halfing butcher

Wellby Fairmince

"A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do"  - Wellby, to Grog                                                                                                                                                        

Wellby Fairmince is a halfling butcher from Thornhold , in the country of Veron . He is romantic partners with Sophie Wheatus, and a father figure to Grog Wheatus

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

As his racial heritage would suggest, Wellby is a short and stout man. With his loud, demanding and gravely voice, every conversation with his is an event in itself. Some people in Thornhold have said before "I don't know what Sophie sees in him", despite him being an excellent father figure and all around great friend to anyone he cares about. 


Wellby moved to Thornhold to start a new life for himself. Using the skills he had, he hunted animals for the town and cut it up into quality cuts. With his strong work ethic, and unmatched genius in his craft, he quickly worked up a heatlhy living for himself

He then met Sophie , who was pregnant at the time. It wasn't long untill he fell in love with her. He didn't even care about the fact she was having a kid. When Grog was born he was surprised to see he was half-orc, but quickly it turned out to be fine. He helped teach Grog everything he knows today, like how to hunt, fight, and a little bit of the butcher craft.